Category: Development

  • Status Update #11

    Long time, no blog post or something like this. I wanted to bring my personal site back for a while now but I couldn’t decide on how to do it best. And I wanted my own theme but something always didn’t work out in the end and then that hindered me again. And well… But…

  • Status Update #10

    The last couple days I’ve been working on releasing the two Core variation styles that I mentioned in the last status update. So far I’ve designed a custom landing page that will live outside of the regular flow of the Elevenfour main page. That means: You won’t be able to see that if you didn’t…

  • My First Apple Script

    Let me begin by saying this: I was today years old when I learned that Apple Script is a thing – and it’s easy to use. So what did I do? Well, I needed a way to batch export images to the webp format with Pixelmator. And after some querying the web using the Lord…

  • Status Update #9

    I’ve been working on some new styles for WoltLab Suite lately – not sure if any of them will ever see the light of a release day. But, I thought I’d share them with you anyway. Maybe someone wants me too finish these designs and release them some day.

  • Status-Update #8 – Project Titan

    After updating to WoltLab Suite 5.4 I had to change plans a little bit since the current style began to show its age. I would have had to make too many changes to templates. So I figured it would more sense to push the development of the new style since I’m already working on it.…

  • Status Update #7 – WoltLab Suite 5.4 Styles

    Compatibility testing of Elevenfour’s styles for WoltLab Suite 5.4 RC 2 finished today. Some styles didn’t need changes, others received minor changes to their templates. So far everything has been exported and packages are packed. As soon as WoltLab releases the final version of WoltLab Suite 5.4 I’ll test the installation and upgrade process. If…

  • Status Update #6 – Project Titan

    After a few days work the future article section has been redesigned. And I’m happy with how it worked out. (As always that’s what it is for now 😂) Want another tiny preview image? Well, I guess, I can do that.

  • Status Update #5 – Yosemite

    Yesterday I decided that I would again have a look at how far I can get building a WordPress theme using Full-Site-Editing – or FSE for short. And I have to say: It’s not that bad.

  • Plano – A New Style For WoltLab Suite

    Plano – A New Style For WoltLab Suite

    Yesterday I began working on a new style for WoltLab Suite 5.2 that will be released some time later. Plano will be yet another style that features style options although that’s not yet finally decided. At this very moment I can only show you a screenshot of the board list (which is the landing page…

  • The Theme That Used To Be Gwendolyn

    The Theme That Used To Be Gwendolyn

    It’s been almost a year since I last published an article here so I thought it might be interesting to share an insights on a new part of Elevenfour which I’ve developed during the last months. We‘ll take a look at the first WordPress theme I created for Elevenfour and we‘ll also have a look…

  • Status Update #4

    Work on the new WordPress Theme Gwendolyn is almost completed and so I started to work on the next Theme. The codename of this theme is Yosemite and, like Gwendolyn, will be exclusive for Elevenfour. So this theme, too, will not be released.

  • Status Update #3

    Today I’ll just post a screenshot showing the development version of the Gwendolyn Theme running on WordPress; so you see: it’s alive. 🙂 You’ll find more Information on Gwendolyn if you read the article Gwendolyn Theme for WordPress